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New Training Material video – NanoQSAR methodology

New Training Material video – NanoQSAR methodology

A new RiskGone training material provides guidance on how to develop appropriate scientifically validated Nano-(Q)SAR/(Q)SPR models for the development of safe-by-design nanomaterials as well as regulatory purposes.

Nano-(Q)SAR/(Q)SPR models are an adaptation of (Q)SAR/(Q)SPR methodology for nanomaterials, where the models may be applied for nanoforms of the same substance or nanoforms of different substances. The specificity of nanomaterials requires a special approach in a few aspects: (i) appropriate characterization of nominal nanoforms and in the test conditions, (ii) descriptors especially enabling the distinction of nano forms of the same substances, and (iii) appropriate definition of applicability domain of Nano-(Q)SAR/(Q)SPR models.