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RiskGONE is an EU H2020 project (H2020-NMBP-13-2018 RIA), aiming at providing solid procedures for science-based risk governance of nanomaterials, based on a clear understanding of risks and risk management practices.

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News & Events

RiskGONE, Gov4Nano & NANORIGO actively involved in International Particle Toxicology Conference

RiskGONE together with NANORIGO and Gov4Nano participated in the 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference, which took place on 11-13 September…

Read about RiskGONE in the NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter

The 2019 Summer Extra of the NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter provides special updates on RiskGONE  as well as the NanoSolveIT project…

RiskGONE Partners to attend 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference

The 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference will take place 11th – 13th September 2019 in Salzburg Austria. The meeting will…

Taking stock & moving forward – RiskGONE successfully completed Month 6 Meeting

On 4th and 5th July 2019, the RiskGONE partners gathered in Limassol, Cyprus in order to hold their second face-to-face…
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