Taking stock & moving forward – RiskGONE successfully completed Month 6 Meeting

On 4th and 5th July 2019, the RiskGONE partners gathered in Limassol, Cyprus in order to hold their second face-to-face project meeting. Taking place following the first 6 months of the project, the event was a crucial moment which allowed the RiskGONE consortium to take stock of progress achieved and lessons learned so far for each work package, and to align on upcoming activities.

Advancements in the development of a risk governance framework for the safety of nanomaterials were presented, and the nature as well as structure of the Risk Governance Council (RGC) – which will be established over the course of the project – were also discussed.

One major subject of interest was the collaboration with NANORIGO and Gov4Nano, two other EU H2020 projects within the NMBP-13 project cluster tasked to develop tools and a framework to govern the risks associated with the use of nanomaterials. The three projects will work together closely towards the establishment of one single Risk Governance Council, thereby allowing for synergies, efficient use of resources, and more impactful results over the course of the project and beyond!

Major updates from the meeting included the completion of the RiskGone Project website including Public Forum and Members Area for experts in the field, as well as the results of the questionnaire filled out by the RiskGONE External Advisory Board about the needs of the RGC, an analysis of the possible tools to be developed for the RGC, and the selection of the nanomaterials to be used in the experimental work of the project.

The project meeting was organised by RiskGONE partner NovaMechanics, who did a great job as our local host in Cyprus. The meeting was also combined with meetings of other ongoing EU H2020 projects NanoCommons and NanoSolveIT working on the nanosafety knowledge infrastructure and nanoinformatics respectively. Joint sessions on Datasets & Modelling and risk assessment of nanomaterials allowed for further valuable exchange among experts of the three projects.

The RiskGONE partners will build on the momentum created by the fruitful discussions to continue to develop the framework for analysing risk and safety testing strategies, as well as the governance and structure of the Risk Governance Council in partnership with NANORIGO an Gov4Nano as mentioned. Many RiskGONE partners plan to attend the upcoming EU NanoSafety Cluster Week 2019 this October in Copenhagen, and will officially convene again for the next consortium meeting in February! In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates by following our LinkedIn page and subscribing to our newsletter via our website www.riskgone.eu

About the Project

RiskGONE is an EU H2020 project aiming at providing solid procedures for science-based risk governance of nanomaterials, based on a clear understanding of risks and risk management practices.