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RiskGONE kick-off meeting in Oslo

Back on 13-14 February 2019, the RiskGONE consortium partners came together in Oslo for the RiskGONE Kick off Meeting & International Workshop on Risk Governance of Nanotechnology.

The meeting was the first physical get-together of all the project partners who will collaborate for a period of 4 years with the aim to establish solid risk governance procedures for engineered nanomaterials. It was an occasion for team leaders to meet in person and to together discuss the management of the different work packages. In addition, the International Workshop on Risk Governance of Nanotechnology Open Session gave floor to international experts on nanomaterials who shared their views with the project consortium.

Since the successful kick-off meeting, the project has progressed well, and the official M6 (month 6) meeting is fast-approaching during which all work packages will present their progress, and discuss what can be expected over the final half of 2019.

Next to RiskGONE, the projects NANORIGO and Gov4Nano were also presented – the three projects are part of an EU H2020 collective (NMBP-13) addressing safety governance of nanomaterials, and as part of the project deliverables all three projects will work together to establish the European Risk Governance Council (ERGC).

RiskGONE is an EU H2020 project, aiming at providing solid procedures for science-based risk governance of nanomaterials, based on a clear understanding of risks and risk management practices.
More information and updates on the project will be available on the RiskGONE website, through our newsletters as well as via the official RiskGONE LinkedIn page found here.